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NOTICE SEPT 3, 2021: DDoS Attack Update

The following has been received from our upstream provider as an update on the matter:

We can confirm that the system is fully available and operational. We are confident our countermeasures are efficient and strong, though we are carefully monitoring for further attack waves to ensure optimal performance.

Important details to be aware of:

Rest assured no personal data or information has been breached in these attacks
As a countermeasure to the attack, domains on your account set to AUTORENEW will now renew an additional 24 hours early (as of 06:00 UTC Sep 3rd, 2021). This ensures no domains are dropped during this time.

Our recommendation is to process any pending orders sooner rather than later.
We will continue to provide updates as needed. Our dedicated teams continue to monitor and proactively work to ensure you can continue to rely on us for the services you know and trust.

Please note that our staff are available to help with any issues that may arise, kindly reach out via the helpdesk for immediate assistance.
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