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Start your Own Domain Name Business!

As a iRRP.Net Domain Reseller, you can profit from:


  Competitive Wholesale Prices. Click Here

  No Hidden Fees, No Transaction Fee, No Revenue Share Fee.

No Yearly Membership Fee or Activation Fee.

Complete registration and domain reseller management system.
       - All domain searches, registrations & management are performed in real-time.

Connecting through a web interface, email interface or API.

WHOISTrustee and WHOISTrustee-Lite service are now
     available. These new products shield and protect the public WHOIS Data for a domain simple and very cost effective.
Click Here for more Details

  Domain Alert Service - an
     additional layer of security for registrants. Domain Alert
     works like this: Any attempts to make changes at the
     following: - WHOIS information -
      name server(s) - Domain LOCK/UNLOCK status - Authorization
      code. An email is sent automatically to a special designated
      Email Contact, listed as the "Recipient Email Address"
      (NOT listed on the Public WHOIS), in which the Registrant
      must click to confirm or can reject the modification
Click Here for more Details
  All-inclusive Reseller API Access. Using the API, Resellers can
    perform all domain management functions from their own Server.

Whois Branding. Your site is listed as the Registrar. See Here 

Domain registration in over 500+ Extensions: .com .net .org
    .biz .info .name .travel .mobi .aero .xxx .fm .am .tv .la .md .us
    .bz.ca .ws .cc .nu .ag .cn .com.cn .net.cn .org.cn .co.uk
    .org.uk .me.uk .jp .tk .it .se .pl .com.pl .net.pl .org.pl .info.pl
    .biz.pl .com.tw .org.tw .idv.tw .club.tw .ebiz.tw .game.tw .sg
    .com.sg .at .co.at .or.at .be .de .tc .ms .gs .vg .ac .sh .io .sc
    .in .co.in .net.in .org.in .firm.in .gen.in .ind.in .ru .it .nl .es
    .com.es .nom.es .org.es .vc .com.vc .net.vc .org.vc .im .mn .gd
    .cx .me .mu com.mu .net.mu .org.mu .nf .com.nf .net.nf .ki
    .com.ki .net.ki .org.ki .com.mx .co.nz .net.nz .org.nz .lu .tl
    .us.com .ue.com .de.com .br.com .cn.com .kr.com .jpn.com
    .hu.com .no.com .se.com .sa.com .uy.com. .uk.com .qc.com
    .ru.com .co.cm .com.cm net.cm .com.sb .net.sb .org.sb .cm
    .co .pe  .pt .mx .pro & .tel Plus More TLDs Coming Soon!

  IDNs - Internationalized Domain Names [á ê ì ö û ñ ž] - Encoding Scheme (punycode) - Internationalized Domain Names are fully supported on the iRRP.Net Domain Registrar System.

  SSL - Secure Socket Layer Certificates from 4 of the top SSL provided in the Industry, Verisign, Thawte GeoTrust and Comodo. Offer your customers Thawte’s SSL123 Certificates, GeoTrusts' RapidSSL, VeriSign's SecureSite, Comodo InstantSSL Certificates and More! (Including VeriSign's EV SSL's) from your reseller account.

iRRP.Net (iDotz.Net Registrar Reseller Program) is a Domain-Registration and Administration System specially designed and created for ISPs (Internet Service Provider), Domain Registrars and Web Hosting Companies. All business operations through the Registry are completely automated, which allows us to offer great wholesale prices.

What you will NOT Get a
s a iRRP.Net Domain Reseller:

No Cookie Cutter Wild "Affiliate" site that steals your customers and does not allow YOU control over your own domain business. Think About it, you can't even get a list of YOUR OWN customers from one Wild Domain "Affiliate" Program. Don't send your customers to a third party for THEM to profit from YOUR hard work.

Nickel & Dime you out of any profits. One Wild Domain Program has the nerve to change YOU with: 1) A Credit Card Fee; 2) A Transaction Fee; 3) A Revenue Sharing Fee; 4) PLUS a Membership Fee. Then they charge YOU a $10 check processing fee to sent YOU your Commission Check (if there is any Commission left after all those fees.) Now that's one Wild Domain Program...
QUESTION: Who profits from a program like that? ANSWER: Not the reseller!

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Test drive the Reseller Program: Demo Web Interface

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  55 New Montgomery St. Ste 622
  San Francisco CA 94105
  Tel: +1.415.294.8890


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