Registrar Reseller Documents
 Reseller Specific
.Registrar Reseller Update Form Registrar Update.pdf  .PDF file
Registration Agreement
  (Agreement to be posted on your site)
TAC.html  .HTML file
 Top-Level-Domain Forms
Current ICANN Dispute Policy
.AT Domain Registry Modification Form
   (Required for all .AT Modifications - MUST fax to NIC.AT)
at_update_req.pdf   .PDF file
.AT Domain Registry Transfer  Form
   (Required for all .AT Transfers - MUST fax to NIC.AT)
at_transfer_rsp_en.pdf   .PDF file 
.DE Domain Registry Transfer Form transfer_de.pdf   .PDF file
.US Policies - NeuStar dotUSpolicy.en.pdf   .PDF file
.US Nexus Requirements us_nexus.pdf   .PDF file
.US Nexus Requirement Policy us_nexus_policy.pdf   .PDF file
.NAME Acceptable Use Policy   .PDF file
.SE Application for Assignment of Legal Person se_assignment_lp.pdf   .PDF file
.SE Application for Assignment of Natural Person se_assignment_np.pdf   .PDF file
.SE Cancellation for the Benefit of another LP / NP se_assignment_termination.pdf   .PDF file
.SE Assignments of Domains - Overview se_assignment_registrar.pdf   .PDF file
.SE Termination Form se_termination.pdf   .PDF file
.SE Redelegation Form se_redelegation.pdf   .PDF file
.IT Domain Registration (Companies) - Example Form it-application-companies.pdf   .PDF file
.IT Domain Registration (Companies) - Original Form* lar-socditte-200401.rtf   .RTF file
.IT Domain Registration (Individuals) - Example Form it-application-individuals.pdf  .PDF file
.IT Domain Registration (Individuals) - Original Form* lar-pf-200401.rtf  .RTF file
    *These registration forms must be faxed to NIC.IT "+39.050.542420" within 7 days after the domain application has been placed through the iPPR.Net.*
 Top-Level-Domain Trustee Terms
.DE AdminC Trustee Terms and Conditions trustee_de.pdf   .PDF file
.NL Contact Trustee Terms and Conditions trustee_nl.pdf   .PDF file
 IDN TAG  Specific
Verisign Valid Language Tags verisign_idn_tag.pdf   .PDF file