Domain Alert Logos and Icons

Domain Alert Icon, 42 x 42 px

Domain Alert Icon, 64 x 64 px

Domain Alert Icon, 87 x 87 px

Domain Alert Icon, 128 x 128 px

Domain Alert Logo, 205 x 45 px

Domain Alert Logo, 307 x 66 px

Domain Alert Logo, 425 x 90 px

Domain Alert Logo, 640 x 135 px

Brand Usage Guidelines for Domain Alert Logos

The Domain Alert logos may not be attached to any other logo or icon - it must be a stand-alone logo.

Size and Usage:

  • Always retain the aspect ratio of the image (do not stretch the image)

  • No blurring
  • Keep the clear edges
  • No pixilation
  • Visible
  • Use only on backgrounds where the logo is readable and the colour schemes do not clash and interfere
  • Please ensure that you make use of a high-resolution (e.g. PSD, EPS, JPEG) whenever you resize the logo to ensure the best quality.